Trophy Festival

The information for the 2016 Trophy Festival has recently been published. If your child is interested in registering, please let Miss Jen know by March 10. This is a wonderful event for all voice and piano students!


The Trophy Festival will be on April 23, 2016 at St. Paul United Methodist Church; 5410 Corby Street; Omaha, NE 68104. Online Entry Deadline is March 19, 2016.

This non-competitive event for students of OMTA members is held in the spring and is for all instruments and voice. There is no age restriction. Pre-K through adult students may be entered.

The entry fee is $25.00 for a solo entry, $35.00 for a duet entry and $45 for trio entry. Fees are nonrefundable after the application due date.

Each student shall perform from memory two pieces of their choice, the scales in the tonalities of each piece and takes a theory test. There are no limitations on repertoire. Adult entrants are not required to memorize their pieces.

There are five general levels of performance:

Junior – pre-sonatina level

Intermediate – sonatina level

Advanced – sonata level



Each student will take a theory test. The teacher shall select to have the student take a test comparable to the OMTA Fun Fair Test, Levels 1-12 or the NMTA Festival Theory Test.

There will be three performance ratings possible, AAA, AA and A with the AAA being the highest rating. Every student who performs shall receive a trophy with the year and the performance rating on the engraved plate of the trophy. Trophies will be the same size for all three ratings in each level. However, the trophy size will be larger for each level of advancement from Elementary to Intermediate, to Advanced. The grade on the Trophy Theory Test will not affect the performance rating or the Trophy.

Parents will be allowed in the judging rooms for their child’s performance. NO VIDEO CAMERAS or TAPING EQUIPMENT WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE JUDGING ROOMS.

Students will receive their trophies at the Festival after they have performance and completed the Theory Test.